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The Huffington Post

Culinary Excellence Heads to Beverly Hills | HuffPost

Last week, Hilton’s iconic luxury brand, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, hosted the third annual Taste of Waldorf Astoria culinary competition at the newly-opened Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills.

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New York Post

Why a visit to Savannah is like the tastiest box of chocolates

Savannah, Ga., may be best known for its ghostly encounters and Civil War sites, but the South’s most historic city isn’t just defined by those two claims to fame.

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Four Sydney Neighbourhoods You Should Explore

The neighborhoods surrounding the city center provide a glimpse into Sydney’s real charm—its beautiful blend of diversity and creativity. While these lesser-known areas are often left off official tourist guides, they’ve long been favourites of the city’s hipsters, who, let’s face it, are typically a few steps ahead of the crowd.

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Montreal Travel Guide

Montréal est une belle ville. And if you don’t speak French, you will still do just fine there. There’s something truly magical about Montreal, and it’s not just the poutine. When there, it’s as if you’ve been transported to another continent, as the city is unlike anywhere else in Canada. Located on the waterfront with a healthy mixture of historical as well as modern architecture, Montreal has a little bit of everything. Visitors shouldn’t miss places like the Notre-Dame Basilica, where Celine Dion was married, or the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal (where the best poutine shops are located). But beyond the obvious, there’s a lot more the city has to offer.

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The Color of Pride | The Color of Discovery | 7 LGBT Friendly Cities to Visit in June

Celebrate with Pride in all these amazing and unique neighborhoods.

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Johannesburg Travel Guide

Often overlooked for its sister city, Cape Town, Johannesburg is actually a fascinating place to explore and get to know, if you know where to look. As with any developing metropolis, Jozi has its questionable neighbourhoods, but mostly, it’s a city longing for more attention.

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newport beach lifestyle

Seventh Continent Explorations

Explorers and researchers have been visiting the continent of Antarctica for decades, although throughout history, the voyages getting to the mostly untouched land have been met with tales of unprecedented struggles and defeat. Today, thanks to modern ships and experienced crew, getting to Antarctica is no longer what it once was.

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Connextions Magazine

Climate Change is a Hoax

(Article by Clark Harding, Images by David Duran)

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Places to Explore: Calgary

Calgary has always been a destination for anyone who loves mountains and winter sports, as it’s situated near the Canadian Rockies and nearby some of the most beautiful national parks in North America. The city itself has seen an exponential growth in the downtown area, and the restaurants, bars and boutique businesses can attest to this.

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Mr Hudson on a Baltimore weekend

What do we know about Baltimore? Of course, we know the common misconceptions, often blamed on a television series that was filmed there, and that it’s also relatively close to New York City, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, making it kind of the perfect getaway from any of the three cities, or from anywhere really.

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The perfect Riviera Maya experience

The best way to reach Riviera Maya in Mexico is by flying into Cancun, but don’t let that scare you off so easily. Yes, Cancun is known as a party destination and is typically overflowing with a fascinating mixture of college students, first-time international travellers from the U.S., as well as cruise ship folk. But that being said, the airport is ultra convenient and jumping in a rental and driving right out of there is typically pretty easy.

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A Safari Unlike the Others

The rain shower feels incredible and the sounds of the dripping water to the ground below is a beautiful reminder of the height of which the shower is situated, which can be unsettling at times, as are the monkeys nearby, but in the end, the experience is unparalleled.

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The Huffington Post

Baltimore Lights Up For International Light Festival

Just like any other major metropolis going through a change, it takes time for the development of new neighborhoods...but with change comes imagination, innovation and transformation. And Baltimore isn’t wasting any time in showcasing their city as a cultural destination with hip, new and big ideas, like Light City, a 7-day light festival set in the heart of Baltimore.

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The Huffington Post

45 Years of Organized Arts and Culture in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a thriving metropolis known for its towering skyscrapers, pristine public transportation, world-class shopping, abundance of Michelin star restaurants and an arts and culture scene that rivals cities around the world.

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Alone in Mexico on a Romantic Couples Getaway

Banyan Tree is comprised of all villas, each with the minimum of a private pool, and these pools weren’t just plunge pools, they were full on legit swimming pools. And lush green vegetation and freshwater lagoons surround the villas, so it wasn’t uncommon to see different species of birds or wildlife on property.