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The 5 Next Big Travel Destinations to Beat Your Friends to in 2017

...Of course there is nothing wrong with going to places like Mexico, Italy or Thailand, but if you want to be one step ahead of everyone else, these five places should be on your radar as they will be among the top destinations of 2017.

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Hotel Review: Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel

On a recent trip to the city to attend the opening of an opera debut, I opted to stay at the Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel, mostly because I hadn’t been there before and the location was excellent. Plus, there was something special about the lobby that just called to me, which later I found out why.

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Why I'm Not Jumping on the Bandwagon and Traveling to Cuba This Year

The floodgates have opened – ok, maybe not exactly, but that’s how many people feel after the laws for US citizens changed earlier this year, allowing for American visitors to travel more easily to the island of Cuba. The island stuck in time is now open to everyone, and with that means there will be lots of changes, right? We’ve already seen the introduction of flights from the US as well as the first cruise ship arrival to Havana.

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Move Over Austin: Houston is the Coolest City in Texas for These 6 Reasons

Houston is most definitely a hustling and bustling major city, but it’s also a really fun city, something that might be unknown to those who haven’t spent much time there, so next time you are in town, spend a little time discovering some really cool things that make Houston, well…Houston.

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Hotel Review: LondonHouse Chicago, a Curio Collection by Hilton Hotel

Hilton’s Curio Collection is a very exciting venture for the brand, one that is helping them breakout from what most consumers have become accustomed to from them. The collection of unique “boutique” properties is each one of a kind and nothing like the others within the collection, and that’s why they are incredibly special.

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3 Places That You’d Never Think I’d Recommend Visiting, But Am

As a travel writer, and someone who travels full time, visiting places all over the globe, a day doesn’t go by where I’m not asked, “What’s your favorite place you’ve been?” Most realize immediately, after seeing the expression on my face, that I am not going to be able to answer that question, mostly because, I’d have to break it down into categories and then sub-categories, until I was able to at least list out 10 destinations, due to the fact that I’ve enjoyed so many places during my travels, and narrowing it down to one, would be impossible.

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10 Reasons to Love Cincinnati This Summer

It’s always funny how the cities we don’t know much about or talk about, end up being pretty awesome, and Cincinnati is most definitely one of those cities. What once was a city known for internal turmoil, is now a thriving city with one of the best arts and culture scenes that rivals cities across the nation.

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7 Spectacular Places to Get Your Om On

Yogis rejoice! There are tons of awesome places to get centered and strike a pose. Yes, yoga centers and gyms are great places to do yoga. You could even do yoga alone at home, but sometimes you just need a change of atmosphere and at times during a work or personal trip, you might not consider some outside of the box options – and truly, after reading this list, you will be mad at yourself if you happened to be in one of these cites, had time for yoga, and didn’t check out one of these amazing locations to get your yoga on.

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21 Havasupai, Grand Canyon Pics That Will Inspire An Off-the-Beaten Path Vacation

When I first saw images of Havasupai, I questioned the authenticity of the colors in the images, but once I arrived, after picking my jaw up from off the ground, I realized that what I was seeing didn’t need any filters or editing, because it was real.

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Tour the 6 Coolest Aquariums Around the World With Us

June 8th was World Oceans Day and what better way to celebrate the world’s oceans than by learning more about them? Fortunately, there are some pretty incredible aquariums around the world that focus on educating visitors about what makes the oceans so spectacularly wonderful and why we need to make sure that we are taking care of them as well as its many, many residents that reside beneath the surface.

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Is Phoenix the Next Foodie Frontier? We Think So.

The Valley of the Sun isn’t messing around when it comes to food. Phoenix has actually been undergoing a massive transformation, especially in the central and downtown areas, as condominiums go up and new restaurants pop up. But it’s not only the new, some Phoenix culinary and drink institutions have always been at the top of their game and are now seeing a resurgence as more and more locals start to spend time inside the city and less time in the burbs.

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8 Things to do Near Honolulu That Your Guide Book Probably Missed

With Waikiki Beach being the epicenter of tourism on the island, it’s easy to get drawn into the more touristy activities, which there is nothing wrong with, since they are all great things to do, but for those visiting Honolulu looking to check out something to see or do that is a bit more unique, our list below has some out of the box options that wouldn’t make the typical itinerary.

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8 U.S. National Parks That Probably Didn’t Make Your Bucket List, But Should Have

With the National Park Services celebrating its centennial birthday this year, many travelers are getting re-inspired to go and visit some of their favorite national parks. But with so many to choose from, how does one know where to go? The obvious choices are well, obvious for a reason, they’re amazing. We know this because they are the ones we all talk about or learn about in school. The reality is, that there are 58 national parks and all of them are spectacular, but a lot of them are usually overlooked due to a more well known park being close by or just because no one has heard as much about them.

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20 Pics That Will Make You Want To Book A Safari Now

The flight from Johannesburg to Madikwe was about 40 minutes on a small plane and I stayed at Jaci’s Tree Lodge, a luxurious and special lodge with the most amazing staff and owners. Lucky for me, I was there during a special week when the lodge partnered with a professional wildlife photographer who took us out on a few game drives and provided us professional equipment to shoot some epic photos, as part of their Photographic Safaris packages they offer their guests.

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Burgers, Desserts and Waffles: Houston’s 7 Hottest Food Trucks

Food trucks are everywhere, and often it’s hard to track down your favorites. Luckily for Houston, there are plenty of popular food trucks taking over the city streets and no matter which one you may run into, you won’t be disappointed. The food truck scene has swept the nation over the past few years and avid foodies have created an app (Roaming Hunger) to constantly know where their favorite trucks are parked. Eating food made in a mobile kitchen has never tasted so good. Check out some of Houston’s hottest food trucks the next time you are in town.