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Personified: Wailea, Maui

Wailea in particular is my favorite area on the island which I refer to as my "happy place." There's something about the more private, upscale Wailea that calls to me. It's probably the luxury hotels, killer food scene and exclusiveness of it all. I mean, people do compare it to Beverly Hills, and in its own special way, it is, but with a more Hawaiian vibe.

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ManAboutWorld - The Checkout - Four Seasons Punta Mita

A short 45­minute drive from Puerto Vallarta International Airport, the Four Seasons Punta Mita resort offers a luxurious Mexican getaway, close enough to PV and some smaller towns to explore, but so luxurious, you really won't want to leave. And that’s the point. With sprawling
grounds and extensive dining, spa and sport facilities, this is a place to unplug, relax and reconnect with your partner or family.