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Montreal Travel Guide

Montréal est une belle ville. And if you don’t speak French, you will still do just fine there. There’s something truly magical about Montreal, and it’s not just the poutine. When there, it’s as if you’ve been transported to another continent, as the city is unlike anywhere else in Canada. Located on the waterfront with a healthy mixture of historical as well as modern architecture, Montreal has a little bit of everything. Visitors shouldn’t miss places like the Notre-Dame Basilica, where Celine Dion was married, or the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal (where the best poutine shops are located). But beyond the obvious, there’s a lot more the city has to offer.

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Johannesburg Travel Guide

Often overlooked for its sister city, Cape Town, Johannesburg is actually a fascinating place to explore and get to know, if you know where to look. As with any developing metropolis, Jozi has its questionable neighbourhoods, but mostly, it’s a city longing for more attention.

Native tongues calgary canada article

Places to Explore: Calgary

Calgary has always been a destination for anyone who loves mountains and winter sports, as it’s situated near the Canadian Rockies and nearby some of the most beautiful national parks in North America. The city itself has seen an exponential growth in the downtown area, and the restaurants, bars and boutique businesses can attest to this.

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Mr Hudson on a Baltimore weekend

What do we know about Baltimore? Of course, we know the common misconceptions, often blamed on a television series that was filmed there, and that it’s also relatively close to New York City, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, making it kind of the perfect getaway from any of the three cities, or from anywhere really.

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The perfect Riviera Maya experience

The best way to reach Riviera Maya in Mexico is by flying into Cancun, but don’t let that scare you off so easily. Yes, Cancun is known as a party destination and is typically overflowing with a fascinating mixture of college students, first-time international travellers from the U.S., as well as cruise ship folk. But that being said, the airport is ultra convenient and jumping in a rental and driving right out of there is typically pretty easy.

Antarctica article

Places to Explore: Antarctica

Explorers and researchers have been visiting the continent of Antarctica for decades, although throughout history, the voyages getting to this mostly untouched land have been met with tales of unprecedented struggles and defeat. Today, thanks to modern ships and experienced crew, getting to Antarctica is no longer what it once was. That being said, the Drake Passage, one of the roughest passages in the world, is part of the experience of one’s journey to the white continent. Depending on your luck, it could be an unwelcome start or end (or both) to an incredible trip.

Jefferson memorial washington dc article

Places to Explore : Washington D.C.

...And the culinary scene in the city has been on a constant climb that continues to keep it growing, always outdoing itself. D.C. has some of the best restaurants in the United States, and if you just go there to eat, you won’t be disappointed. But there’s also something else about the city which makes it unique, and that’s the atmosphere – it’s a perfect blend of hustle and bustle with upscale and refined (if you know where to look).

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Places to Explore: Buenos Aires

Amor. Plain and simple, that’s Argentina’s new marketing initiative towards LGBTQ travellers and tourism. In short, it easily sums up what the country is all about, especially the city of Buenos Aires, which has consistently been referred to as the most welcoming city to gay travellers in South America. Buenos Aires has always been at the forefront of change and acceptance; a quick Google search of their yearly pride celebrations will quickly prove that, as it is one of the largest and most festive celebrations in the region, if not the world.

Maui hawaii beach palm trees article

Place To Explore: Maui

All of the Hawaiian Islands are special and unique but Maui is arguably the best one. Known for being a lover’s paradise – all lovers by the way – Maui has a bit of everything for everyone. Before planning a trip, it’s best to know a little about the different areas on the island. From Wailea to Kaanapali, things are a bit spread apart, so knowing ahead of time where you are staying and the activities you want to do will help ease up on the long driving sessions that can often occur when not properly planning ahead. Traffic does exist on the island and when you are in it, you will not only hate it, but you will be missing out on vacation time, so spend a little time getting to know the island before arriving.

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Places To Explore: Fort Lauderdale

Sometimes overlooked by those who think Miami is everything that South Florida has to offer, Fort Lauderdale is just as welcoming an area, if not more, especially for gay travellers. Greater Fort Lauderdale is made up of multiple cities, with Fort Lauderdale being the best known, but the remaining cities and areas are part of what makes Greater Fort Lauderdale so special and unique. The weather tends to be borderline perfect, and the locals are usually pretty chill and friendly. Overall, it’s a beach town, with so much more to offer.

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Places To Explore : Palm Springs

The most glamorous desert in the country, Palm Springs has always been a hotbed for the Hollywood elite. From the days of Frank Sinatra and the rat pack to present day movie & rock stars taking over the desert during the infamous Coachella music festival. World-class resorts, the finest of dining, art-filled galleries and shopping galore, Greater Palm Springs has a lot of everything any visitor may need or want. It’s a place to soak up some sun while spoiling oneself with the luxuries that surround this desert oasis.

Cuba 2 article

Places To Explore : Cuba

What is it that makes Cuba such a desirable location to visit? This once forbidden island has been in a standstill for decades and the fascination of visiting a place frozen in time is appealing to most. With more and more flights starting service to and from the United States and Cuba, visitors are flocking to the island to catch a glimpse of history, before major changes take place. Havana is the perfect starting point, but don’t let it suck you in and drain your entire visit, because Cuba’s interior and southern region have just as much, if not more to offer visitors.

New york city empire state article

Places To Explore : New York City

It’s the city that never sleeps, the city most dream about visiting once in their lifetime, and home to millions in a very condensed space. New York City can practically sell itself on name recognition alone, and visitors to the big apple can solely base their visits from television shows or blockbuster movies, and still manage to have a once in a lifetime trip. The city is quite literally filled with things to see and do, all in a compact space that gives the impression of a never-ending pavement of skyscrapers. If planned correctly, New York City can still provide those quirky tourist obligated experiences, but also elevate the traveller’s experience to a whole new level of exhilaration.